You love fudge, right?
Then you’’re gonna love us.

We’’re the fudge a’’fare and we believe we make the finest fudge you’’ll find anywhere.


So who is the fudge a’’fare? We’’re a boutique, specialist company and all we do is fudge – handmade and decorated to perfection. Our philosophy is to do one thing, but to do it better than anyone else.


Why is our fudge the best? Well, first, we’’ve been making it since 1997 from a home-based business just near Hobart -– Tasmania’’s capital. We own and operate the business and insist on perfection in every step of the process –- nothing less. The result is a perfect fudge – – smooth, textured, beautiful to the eye and technically perfect. Of course, we only use the world’’s best ingredients in our craft and every stage in the creation of the fudge is done by our own hands – that includes the mixing, cooking, decorating and cutting. We even do the packing and boxing up of our delicacies too.


What do others think? Let’s blow a trumpet or two. We’’ve picked up so many gold medals and championship ribbons since we’ve been in business, it’s almost becoming a bit embarrassing. Needless to say, our fudge is multi-award winning.


Okay, time for the bullet points. Here’’s a couple of other things you should know:

  • We’’re proudly Tasmanian owned and operated
  • Our fudges have a high chocolate content producing a rich, creamy texture.
  • All our fudges are Gluten free
  • We never, ever use artificial flavours or colours. Never.
  • We have a huge range of award winning flavours and sizes
  • All our delicious fudges are vacuum packed so they’’re as fresh when they reach you as they are when they leave us.


And just a couple of other things

  • We’re just as adept at catering for your wholesale needs
  • We’ll happily make to order for special events such as weddings and conferences, with corporate or personal branding as a point of difference. Just talk to us.


Thanks for joining us. At the fudge a’’fare we believe that if you’re going to indulge, you should only indulge in the finest. Enjoy!

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